In over 10 years working for market-leading companies in the German food retail sector, I have always worked close to the purchasing department and have been responsible for category sales of over € 500 million in the areas of purchasing and category management for fast-moving consumer goods.

Product development and marketing, detailed analyses and conceptual assortment work in a highly competitive and recently inflationary market environment have never been short of sporting ambition. The best solutions were achieved by analyzing the situation holistically, taking dependencies into account: from the producer to the customer perspective.

Project Management

In the course of my activities, I have carried out both national and international project and stakeholder management, from working to board level in German, English or newly learned French.

The most notable success of those efforts was the establishment of two international purchasing alliances, both of which bundle purchasing volumes amounting to several billion euros. In the process, cross-border cooperation lead to the successful questioning and overcoming of existing paradigms.

The most exciting challenge herewith: Complex systems. How do you design the best possible steering and coordination when you have self-determined actors? How can the dynamic requirements continue to be met?


As Watzlawick would have said: „You cannot not negotiate.“

Even for commercial and legal negotiations concerning contracts with volumes of up to several hundred millions of euros, an understanding of complex systems is crucial - both for the navigating within my own organization, as well as for interacting with partners and other companies.

Thorough preparations, debriefs, ongoing evaluations and reflections on both the results and the processes, and the ongoing internal sparring lead to the successes that were achieved.


Charles "Charlie" Munger advised, "Work only with people you enjoy". This shall be a guidance well-observed in a value-driven collaboration.

You are currently faced with strategic or operative challanges in buying or negotiations? In strategic project management, or stakeholder management? Or have you come to realize that everything is connectted and you are searching for a solution that will consider the complexity of the systems that we are navigating?

Let us get in touchabout how I can specifically help you to overcome your challenges together. I will also be happy to answer any specific questions you may have.


„Mens fortis in corpore forti“ – training has been a steady companion. As an ambitious amateur sportsman I lastly participated in the World Aquatics Masters Championships Kyushu 2023. I strength train and I am working towards my lifetime goal of a 300 kg deadlift.

During the summer, I regularly volunteer as a surf lifesaver and first responder paramedic at Prerow Beach, the most beautiful beach the German Baltic Sea has to offer.

Continuous learning and active self-development across disciplinary borders are not merely interview buzzwords for me but rather a lived challenge: For instance, I completed the 2023 Real World Risk Institute #18 and benefited from the large number and diversity of lecturers and participants in intensive exchanges.